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"CHOP proves that meaning can come from the most unexpected places. The same can be said of Brad McEntire's engaging performance, turning a story about a loner's introduction into the world of amputation fetishists into a universal tale about finding one's own place in life."


~ Martin Dockery, Storyteller and Solo Performer, Creator of THE BIKE TRIP

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"Brad McEntire"


Created and Performed by Brad McEntire

Directed by Andrew J. Merkel

CHOP concerns a man at a loss of what to do with himself, profoundly isolated from the busy, happy, productive people in the city around him. Through a chance encounter with a mysterious tattooed woman he is introduced to what might be his true calling - a unique subculture of amputation fetishists.


Developed at Audacity Theatre Lab (Dallas, TX)


Since 2010 CHOP has played these venues and festivals among many others:

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